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New Jersey 3rd Jurisdiction is committed to spreading the Gospel message of 

Jesus Christ and empowering people to worship God according to biblical principles. 

We pledge to use your contribution to further outreach and evangelistic efforts. 

Thank you and may God bless you in advance for your generosity!

Your gift will be tax deductible, NJ 3rd Jurisdiction is a non-profit organization

NJ 3rd Jurisdiction 21st Holy Convocation


VISION:  The vision of NJ 3rd is to- Empower people (churches) to worship God

through Biblical practices (teaching) and programs of the Church Of God In Christ. 

We avow to fulfill all mandates of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. given by our Lord Jesus

Christ to make disciples of men. 

MISSION:  Our mission as a Jurisdiction is to nurture and lead people (unsaved and saved)

into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to promote meaningful worship of God in spirit and

in truth. 

GOALS:  Our goals are to execute the vision, fulfill our mission and establish and model the

Five-Fold Growth and Success Principles in Acts 2:42-45


The Third Jurisdiction (NJ 3rd) is one of four Ecclesiastical Assemblies geographically located

in New Jersey where the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. implements its’ religious practices.  

NJ 3rd consists of various churches within this assembly that have registered with the 

Jurisdiction and have been issued membership certificates by the International General

Secretary's Office of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc.